• 1980s : Some enthusiastic guy used to own this car and done some restoration (engine, gearbox, interior, brakes etc.) He used a lot of genuine parts at the time.(Adelaide)
  • 1990s: The car was sold to some mid aged gentleman who occasionally drove the car at weekends. (Adelaide where is mostly dry climate. )
  • 2004 : I bought this car from him in this year. The car was never registered since then. (Cairns)
  • 2006 : The body had done some restoration by local professional shop. It took a year to do that. I owned more than 13 of s600/s800 coupes and road stars then. The s800 was in sleep at my garage after restoration.
  • 2017 : The time for wake up. The body is still mint show room condition. The car has been carefully maintained the paint.
  • 2018 : I reconditioned the all suspension units, starter motor, exhaust system, soft top, brake system, etc.

The below photos are how the s800 was kept in my garage.

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